Saturday, September 10, 2011

Start your own accessory business!

After starting a business with my infant shirts, I am always inspired by other start-up ideas. "My Accessory Business" is an excellent way to start your own jewelry business without any commitments! It's simple, low cost, and a fun, low-stress way to get started in the accessory business.

When you sign up for a "My Accessory Business Kit" you get celebrity inspired jewelry, business cards, pricing tags, jewelry display stands, and expert advice via email anytime you have a question! It comes with everything you need to start selling at trade shows, fund raisers, your own online store, etc. And also great as your own personal gifts to friends!

To get more information, and get your own accessory kit, go to any of the following links:

Check often for promotional give-aways where you can win celebrity inspired jewelry for FREE!

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